Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Best Husband Ever

I seriously have the best husband ever. You may not be aware of this. You might (mistakenly) think that your husband is a contender for this award. You would be wrong. Let me list some of his activities today - please keep in mind that ZERO of these things were done as a result of my nagging or even requesting. It was all motivated by his desire to serve me and our family.

- vacuumed and mopped all the wood floors
- picked up toys
- bathed all three kids
- watched the kids at a birthday party while I talked with other moms
- mopped the kitchen tile
- picked up more toys
- washed all the day's dishes
- ordered pizza (so I didn't have to make dinner)
- made juice for the boys
- scrubbed the grout in the kitchen floor
- picked up some more toys
- ironed a dozen or so shirts

Love him.


Jen said...

Josh is a great guy. You have a precious family.

Tommy Poulter said...
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Tommy Poulter said...

After reading that list, I now know why I am not entered in such competitions.

But at least I don't drink and hit them or something... much.

Is there an award for that?