Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Storybook Halloween

Avery was born just in time to participate in the Halloween festivities, which were pretty low-key at the Turner house. We just trick-or-treated around the neighborhood, skipping all the fun carnivals, pumpkin patches, and parties to try to avoid picking up all the flu and other crud that is going around. Neither Jack nor Avery really need to get sick right now (not to mention the rest of us). The boys enjoyed getting to put on their costumes, and Avery's outfit got compliments from all the neighbors. I'm just appreciating the fact that I can still decide what they're going to wear without worrying about their opinions... my guess is that the days of themed family costumes are numbered. This year Jack was a knight (complete with sword), Elijah was a snuggly dragon, and Avery was the tiniest princess ever.

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Here's our little sleeping beauty... My mom made her costume!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Avery is Here!

Actually, she's been here for three weeks. Facebook inhibits my motivation to blog. So if you're not on Facebook, I apologize. You're missing out on a lot, though I suppose you may be saving some time. But I didn't want to totally leave out the non-facebookers, plus I do like posting things on the blog. I really want to put thoughts and pictures and stuff on here more often. I feel like I say that about once every three months. I should probably just go back through my old posts and use the good ol' copy-and-paste.

Avery is a joy. She's absolutely beautiful and incredibly talented. We can already tell. She at least seems to have mastered the essential skills for her age, which include eating, sleeping, and looking cute. We'll see how she does with further tasks. The boys seem to have adapted to her presence and mostly enjoy having her around, though Elijah needs the occasional reminder to not drop a book on her head while she's eating. He likes it that nursing time usually can turn into storytime.

I didn't want to post a ton of pictures (mainly because I'm lazy), but I'm going to include a link to our Picasa page. This is where we upload pictures for grandparents, so it's probably more than most people want to see. But if you would like to see more of the kids, it's the place to go.