Thursday, April 30, 2009

So maybe it's not the right sport for him...

Jack is playing soccer for the first time this season. And he's not such a big fan.

Some of this is just sheer bad luck. Our first practice was cold and misty and miserable, then he had to miss the next practice and first game when he got a virus. The next practice was rained out; at the next game, the wind chill was 35. Seriously. He was definitely not a happy camper. Luckily he's got a lot of good buddies on the team, or there would be no redeeming factor. Usually Josh takes him to practice, and at least one went really well -- he had fun and was glad to be there with Daddy. But even on the best days, even practice is difficult for him. He just gets out of breath really quickly. So when a coach leads the team in a warm-up lap around the field, he's done before he gets to the first corner. He's just not going to keep going if he feels tired. So even running after the ball to kick it is more than he's usually willing to do, more than once or twice.

But our last non-rained-out game was pretty good. We at least had a funny moment. At one point Jack (who was playing forward) quit following the ball and just laid down on his back, in the middle of the field, right in the circle.

That's right. Arms under his head. At one point he even put crossed one leg across his knee. Total relaxation -- as the game goes on around him. So one of his coaches comes up and asks him if he wants to keep playing or come back and sit with Mommy and Daddy.

Jack's response: "I'm just enjoying the sunshine."
Gotta love that kid. His coach thought it was so funny that he yelled what Jack said across the field to us.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No excuses.

So it's been awhile since I posted on here. And I feel a little bad that my last post was for Jack's birthday, and that I had nothing to say about Elijah's big first. Oh well, moving on.

This is going to be a busy month for us. Both boys are having outpatient surgical procedures. Neither of these are a big deal, but both involve general anesthesia and spending a day at Texas Children's. Elijah is having tubes put in his ears on May 7, and Jack is having a heart catheterization on May 13. Please be praying that we can avoid illness leading up to this -- Jack's first scheduled cath had to be postponed due to a virus.

will also be finding out in just a couple of weeks whether we're going to be the proud parents of another boy or our first daughter. I'd be flat-out lying if I didn't admit that I'm hoping for a girl, but our boys are wonderful and we definitely wouldn't mind another one. So I'm praying for contentment either way. Jack goes back and forth about wanting a brother vs. a sister. And he's convinced that we're going to name the baby Bertie, after the bus on the Thomas the Train movies. He's also a fan of the name Lightning McQueen. He really likes hugging and kissing the baby and singing songs to him/her. Elijah, of course, is happily oblivious. It may be a slightly rude awakening when the new one comes along.

The boys and I visited my parents over Easter and found a fabulous field of bluebonnets. They aren't much for posing, and Elijah was ready for a nap -- but it was so pretty out there!